Agritech helping to serve social cause

“Agritech And How It Is Helping Serve The Social Cause”

India, a country from South- East Asia, is known for its rich culture and heritage also known as “Krishi Pradhan Desh”. The Hindi term “Krishi Pradhan Desh” means “country whose large population depends on agriculture for their source of income.” It is believed that agriculture in India is the heirloom of Indus Valley Civilization. Around …

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consumer protection

Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection  Consumers are said to be the king in a free market economy, The earlier approach of Caveat Emptor which means ‘Let the buyer beware’ has now changed to Caveat Venditor which means ‘Let the seller beware’. With growing competition and increased sales and market share, manufacturers and service providers are engaged in unhealthy, …

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Story of Uber

Story of Uber

After getting into an argument over the fare with a local cab driver in Mexico, Travis Kalanick jumped out of the moving cab. The incident would leave him with a dislike for conventional cabs. A few years later, he founded Uber. Under him, Uber – went from 3 drivers to 3.9 million drivers, became the …

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Decathlon way of increasing customer

Decathlon’s way of cutting costs and increasing customers

This largest sports goods retailer company needs no introduction. We all are fascinated with the best quality products at such affordable prices. Decathlon, a french based company thoroughly dominates the sports retail market worldwide and has been a steady growth in India. “Sport for all – All for sport“ The company intends to make sport …

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Space startups

Space Start-Ups of India

Space Start-Ups of India Today, space travel is a huge buzzword. Elon Musk has become incredibly famous, not because of Paypal, Tesla, or his other successful ventures, but because of a smaller venture called SpaceX. SpaceX intends to lower rocket costs, increase efficiency, and ultimately colonize other planets. Fellow billionaires Jeff Bezos & Richard Branson …

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FMCG Sales Channel

FMCGs Fast-moving Consumer goods (FMCGs) also called Consumer Packaged goods (CPG), refer to the products used in day to day lives. It consists of durable goods, nondurable goods, and services with higher consumer demand and relatively lower margins. FMCGs have a short shelf life and perishable nature.  In India, the FMCG market has a remarkable …

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