How to Get Customer Feedback

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Every time you get off your uber drive remember the driver wants you to rate the experience? Every time Amazon delivers your product or you get your food delivered from your favorite restaurant do they constantly urge you to give feedback or rate their service? Well, it is time to jump on the bandwagon! Remember those days you excitedly set up your business with a plethora of hope and an eager mind to lure customers and create awareness among them about your brand! Attracting customers is necessary to grow and expand the sales and growth of your brand. But, there are some equally important things, retaining your customers, creating a strong impression on them, and acquiring more customers who are readily willing to avail of your service. To do this, you ought to collect feedback from your customers efficiently and appropriately. Let us discuss the different and right ways to collect feedback.

Customer Feedback and suggestions for your upcoming product 

Time to pull out trends! This is a significant yet rarely used strategy. This is a mind-blowing idea and the predominant factor that enables you to satisfy the customers. These methods involve enquiring and soliciting suggestions from the customers before or during the design of a product. The success of your brand lies in those who experience and those who are willing to invest in your product. It can be mainly implied for online shopping, to aggregate data before the sheer design of a product and to analyze prototypes. It is highly advantageous as it is cost-effective, reduces the expense of modifying or adding new features since the product is not yet developed completely, and reduces churn.

For example: If you are designing a skincare product it is wise to ask suggestions and analyze the user’s skin problems and issues so that you can come up with an efficient product. If you are designing a fridge it is better to ask about the user’s comfortability, utility and understand their needs so that you can come up with a user-friendly fridge and you need not spend too much on modifying the product later.

Net promoter score 

This is a frolic and interesting way that attracts customers to answer. It is more appropriate to ask for precise, preferably one-word feedback. You may pursue the buyers to describe your products or service in a single word, question them to share one feature of your company that makes it unique, or share one feature that is yet to be improved or included. An alluring way to capture the customers! Net promote score comes(NPS) under this category where only two prime questions are posed. Example: How likely you would recommend this for a friend? Why? When you want to quickly and precisely obtain a bird’s eye view to enhance the features and analyze how the buyers feel this is an agile method. Post-purchase reviews and keeping track of how buyers describe you are the other applications. It is time-saving, precise, and easy enough to encourage customers to give feedback. This type of feedback method is more appropriate when you offer a service, may it be a beauty service or a travel service. One of the top brands in the world, APPLE collects their customer feedback through NPS, in which the user rates their product on a scale of 1 to 10. This is an evident example of how significant and effective this method is.

Aiming at a larger crowd

Customers- feedback

Social media is the best platform to gather a lot of reviews which might result in a gold mine of data that might be the sublime factor that helps companies to improve and develop. Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, youtube are some of the platforms to get started with. Example: creating an Instagram poll. It is perfect for getting generalized feedback from a larger crowd that resonates well with potential leads. It provides you a large volume of data and a swift response. For example, when you are designing a laptop or a mobile phone that would be used by a larger crowd it is perfect to ask your users to rate your product based on its performance that helps you to modify or build another better product and it also enables to attract other users. DELL is a trusted and commonly used brand when it comes to laptops. They have completely understood the necessity of collecting customer feedback and have a developed a website only for receiving and resolving customer feedback and queries.

Personalized feedback


This comes in handy when you want personalized feedback. Making phone calls, sending personalized and mailing customized feedback forms to the customers comes under this category. It helps to keep track to find how they describe you and lets the companies discover what the buyers want to see more of. Personalized feedback makes the buyers feel significant and make them feel companies do care for their advice. It provides very authentic information. Another supreme tip is to recognize and appreciate the feedback of the customers along with their names when the features are enhanced or modified by the buyer’s feedback or review. It is beneficial in Leveraging the detailed and elaborated data provided by the individuals, raising open-ended questions, ensuring customer satisfaction and improvement. It provides paramount data with an invincible quality. It is less troublesome and the organizations don’t tend to disturb the buyer since they can answer their emails or message in their leisure time and there are more chances of accurate and elaborate responses. The best example is UBER, every time they deliver their passenger they request the passengers to take a moment to rate their service to analyze if the customers are facing any difficulty or security issues while traveling, which helps them to improve their services and keep it customer-friendly.

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