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Solar energy is the transformation of heat from the sun into thermal or electrical energy. The first ever working solar cell was made public in 1951 by the Bell Laboratory. Rendered confused by the lack of importance and attention given to this crucial invention, Abhijeet and Akash Choudhary one day decided to write their names down in the history of solar energy and dropped out of Engineering and MSc Physics, respectively, and created Buaaa Industries Pvt. Ltd.


The two brothers ventured out in 2018 to build the company of their dreams. Born in a village in India, they not only understood the importance of electricity but it being such a scarcity, they were always fascinated by it. Thus, they started developing an interest in the energy field at a very young age. 


The two siblings along with their elder sister, Shalu Choudhary (Managing Director) started out as any normal child does, with schooling and eventually going to college. They also worked with a few MNCs such as Havells and Adani Port. However, they craved a lot more in life than a simple 9-5 job. They wanted to help people and do something that according to them would truly matter. After a bit of storming they both went down the memory lane and remembered their fascination of lights and their undeniable interest In the field of energy and voilá, solar energy it was. With a desire to bring about a change in the world, they set down on an ambitious path to be a positive force on Earth. They created an eco-friendly business not only to help people but help our planet as well. After many hardships, they finally got a “Pvt. Ltd.” registration on January 10, 2019. In the same year they made an inventor which was selected as one of the 14 projects to be presented at a program held by The United Nations. This inventor not only gained praises but so much so that it brought about a special friendship between Buaaa Solar and Mr. Sonam Wangchuk, the renowned engineer on whom the movie 3 Idiots was based, who happened to be the chief guest at the program.


One of the most essential parts of business is marketing which is something Abhijeet and Akash didn’t miss out on since day 1, by giving their company a unique and catchy name, Buaaa Solar. According to them, marketing should be attention grabbing and informative which is why they intend on, soon, creating a Buaaa Doodle that will attract people from all age groups and give them information about the advantages of using solar energy. 


This Meerut based EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) company, within a span of only a year, has managed to get it’s foothold all the way from Delhi up to Rajasthan and from Haridwar to Dehradun. By taking up numerous projects such as solar panel installation for government schools and private companies, street light installation for rural areas, etc, they have built a diversified clientele not only in the private sector but also in the public sector? They also have secured good sourcing relations with China as well as Canada which has helped them establish a supply business mainly in Jharkhand, Kolkata and Chennai.


According to Abhijeet Choudhery, the Buaaa Solar, as of now, has two main areas of focus out of which one is to increase the turnover. With 10 employees (full-timers and freelancers), they have produced a gross revenue of 1.2 Cr in the past year. 


The second is something that is extremely valuable to any business, Communication. The two brothers believe that “communication” is an efficient and important strategy necessary to build a business. As Abhijeet very passionately quoted the African Saying;


“If you want to walk fast, walk alone but if you want to walk far, walk together”.


Being an EPC company, they have been providing free consultation regarding solar energy and its benefits to anyone who comes to them wanting the said knowledge. They also sell their products at absolutely affordable rates, cheaper than any other in the market but keeping a low margin. They believe that by doing so they will gain loyal life-long clients. Besides people, they have also made connections with various companies around India, including Magenta Power Company, Mumbai.


Being inspired by three of the world’s greatest personalities, viz., Steve Jobs for marketing and final product experience, Nikola Tesla for innovation and bright ideas and Bhagat Singh for patriotism Abhijeet with his brother is all up and ready to take Buaaa Solars to the next level and become India’s No. 1 EPC Company and Solar Consultants.


“Best Business is Built on a Problem”

– Abhijeet Choudhary


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