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It’s not the best of the experience to be diagnosed with diabetes but to have a helping hand in those times of distress is all we need. “Sugar” as we call it, may not be so sweet after all and so, BeatMySugar is showing us the holistic approach of fighting the disease. 

Insellers brings to you the congenial conversation with Mr. Shaurya Aggarwal, the Co-founder and Promoter of the company – BeatMySugar, who himself has been living, or as he likes to say, thriving, even after being diagnosed with T1 Diabetes for the past 12 years. Shaurya and other co-founders as in the image below, constitute the leadership board of BeatMySugar who have envisaged and striving to achieve a diabetes-controlled world. 

             Beat my Sugar Beat my Sugar Beat my Sugar Beat my Sugar                                     

Arun K. Pathak   Praveen Singhal                Atul Gupta            Shaurya Aggarwal
Co-Founder & Director             Co-Founder & Director        Co-Founder & Director         Co-Founder & Promoter

BeatMySugar enables the diabetic population to lead a healthy lifestyle by ‘Simplifying Diabetes Management’ through a tech-enabled ecosystem with all products and services available at a single digital platform. They aim to help out 1 million people living with diabetes by 2025. 

From Team Insellers, Arihant helps us out in finding the idea behind the company, the services it offers, the challenges it faced and many more. Read the full interview to find out more:


Insellers: I am intrigued by the idea of your business and generally people entering the health industry have some personal motivation, to begin with. What was the background for starting this company?

Shaurya:  I have had type 1 diabetes for the last 12 years and I have been thriving with it. This personal experience of the last 12 years culminated into BeatMySugar. It is our way to give back to the community, Blood sugar management is all about managing your stress level and daily mood. Personally, my initial years were quite stressed, peers distanced from me with some misconceptions regarding diabetes. I used to go to different websites and login and place orders for different items which caused a lot of stress and time wastage. There I saw a problem and the idea of BeatMySugar came up. 


Insellers: Good to know that. But the problem still lies in getting the right product. From the website, I understood that you’re based more on the product side and articles related to diabetes. What is your way behind the marketing of the products?


Shaurya:  We have started with certain food products and are slowly getting into rolling out various services like availability of medicines, lab tests, doctor consultation, diet and fitness consulting we aim to touch 1 million diabetics by 2025, where people can manage blood sugar levels in a more efficient manner and be a partner in their journey rather than just an e-commerce platform. 

Insellers: You started in Sept 2019 as a co-founder, who all are other members of the company?

Shaurya:  Other than myself, there are 3 other co-founders. Atul Gupta who is a first-generation entrepreneur having successfully established ‘Lapcare’ brand in the field of laptop peripherals and accessories. Then we have Arun Pathak, an IT industry professional, who has travelled across the globe and manages the tech side of the business and Praveen Singhal who is an MBA from Bombay University, having mentoring experience of 10-12 business units. 


Insellers: You have people from various diversified fields in your team, how did it come out?

Shaurya:  All the co-founders are part of the extended family or family friends.


Insellers: What is your target market in terms of tier 1/2 cities or age group, etc?

Shaurya:  Pan India is the target market for us and there is no specific age group that we target. Our target audience is diabetic people and diabetes can happen in any age group starting from a very early age. Apart from this our target audience also includes caregivers to diabetic people. 


Insellers: Whom would you consider your closest competitors?

Shaurya: Tricky question. Our mission is to have a controlled diabetic universe. So, we do not consider any direct competitors as no one focuses on all-round holistic. 

Insellers: Apart from websites, any other way of reaching customers. How did you garner sales and through what channels?

Shaurya:  Through a friend’s circle, promotion, alliances, e-commerce Website, reaching out to communities through different activities.

Insellers: Can you give any examples of such collaboration?

Shaurya: We are pursuing collaborations with various organisations in the field of medicine, NGOs, fitness portals etc. 

Insellers: Digital marketing is a must. So apart from these ways, are you looking for other ways also?

Shaurya: Apart from Digital marketing we are also working on other forms of marketing like residential community tie-ups, corporate tie-ups etc.

Insellers: Who is handling these activities is it someone people from your business or outsourced? 

Shaurya: since co-founders are from the diversified field with varied experience, we are handling it at a strategic level with outsourced partners managing execution.

Insellers: What challenges had the company faced till now in hiring, sales, marketing or procurement in the past 1.5 years?

Shaurya: Company was established in Sept 2019 and everything is built from scratch, which has been a challenge. Awareness regarding diabetes is low, people know what medical condition they are in but they choose to ignore, understanding the needs of customers is also another thing. Also, it is not easy to hire experienced people for a new startup as getting like-minded people who can share our vision is difficult. 

Insellers: Is there a BeatMySugar app?

Shaurya: We are working on it, it should be out soon.


Insellers: To get customers to speak up and resolve their queries is challenging. How are you dealing with this?


Shaurya: Reach out to customers has been through different platforms, where we ask customers to give feedback on the various aspects like the team handling the order, UI, etc. Talking to NGOs is another thing we do, once in 2 weeks. 


Insellers: What are the major expenses involved?

Shaurya: Tech, Marketing and workforce are the major expenses.


Insellers: What % of revenue is spent on sales & marketing?

Shaurya: We have not been so long in the market and hence % is not relevant for the time being. Idea is to spread awareness about our platform


Insellers: How much was the expenses that went in building the app or website, was it outsourced?

Shaurya: It was one of the major expenses and outsourced to an outside vendor. 


Insellers: Are there any substitutes that could be a challenge to a company?

Shaurya: We are trying to overcome the problem of going to different platforms for different things. As long as we bring everything under one platform and build it up to merit under the same umbrella, I feel people will understand the value proposition and become our customers


Insellers: These products are mostly 3rd– party products. Are you planning to manufacture some of these yourselves?

Shaurya: We do have some plan but after we get some more traction on our present idea, we will move to the manufacture of some of the products ourselves.


Insellers: How successful the collaborations with vendors have been?

Shaurya: Achieved 90-95 % fulfilment of orders from these collaborations, so it has been good.


Insellers: Are there any plans to make things more efficient.?

Shaurya: Technological advancement is ongoing and we look forward to making the process more efficient and engaging for users 

Insellers: Do you have any diversification plan?

Shaurya: To start with we want to focus on our core idea. We will look at diversification at an appropriate stage. 

Insellers: Anything that has not gone the way you had liked?

Shaurya: The pandemic has caused some delays but we are happy with the progress\


Insellers: What is the business outlook or growth plan, where is the company headed?

Shaurya: Because of the pandemic, people have become conscious about healthcare. As technology is advancing, one aspect is cloud monitoring of patients we can look for. That will be a good future space for us to be in.


Insellers: Do you have any questions for us? We wish you all the best and looking forward to future collaborations. 

Shaurya: The work that Insellers is doing is great and I hope we would have an opportunity collaborate in future. It was a pleasure talking to you, thank you.


Insellers Views


The business idea BeatMySugar is working upon has a lot of potential in India because the awareness is low and people are slowly becoming more conscious. Hence, they have a great opportunity to make use of the potential and grow.

Insellers believe that touching 1 million diabetics till 2025 is achievable through the use of digital platforms extensively, which could be outsourced if the need be.

Also expanding the business in terms other verticals like lab tests and diagnosis, diet plans, teleconsultations, etc should be explored under one umbrella platform, which will not only increase customer touchpoints but build trust as well.

We wish BeatMySugar all the best in their endeavours!

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