Radio Marketing And SMS Marketing In The Era Of Digital Marketing

Radio Marketing and SmS Marketing
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Every organization aims at growing its sales and reaching a lot of potential customers. In today’s dynamically developing world, technology plays a vital role in advertising and taking your products to a higher reach. Among the various options available to market your products, the crux of the matter is to identify the suitable platform that will reap maximum benefits. Digital marketing is one of the most popular and most used tools. In the world of digital marketing let’s analyze how radio marketing and SMS marketing have taken over digital marketing to their efficient features.


Digital marketing is at its zenith! From SMEs to large organizations use digital marketing to promote and advertise their products. Advertising your products through various digital channels such as social media using online platform devices is called digital marketing. Digital marketing has greatly influenced the sales of organizations by increasing them at a high rate and helping brands to reach out to customers from different parts of the world, bringing all of them into one global community.  Apart from digital marketing, there are two more effective and highly beneficial ways to market, Let’s discuss the benefits of radio marketing and SMS marketing in the era of digital marketing.


Every time my dad drives from home to work, he always turns on the radio. He feels it is good to start his productive morning with some fun and also learning what is going in and around our locality. I see my mom bustling around the house preparing meals for us on a busy weekday. She stays tuned to the radio, listening to her favorite songs, to make her busy mornings beautiful. On my bus ride from home to college, I would like to relax and prepare myself for my busy classes by treating myself to energetic morning programs on the radio. Who doesn’t love listening to the radio? It helps in making your laborious work much easier and easing yourself in the middle of your hectic schedule. I guess you would also enjoy listening to the radio or probably you already have! Remember coming across a few ads in the middle of the interesting programs you were enjoying on the radio? Those ads are a way in which a company advertises their product on-air and that is called radio marketing. Famous brands like McDonald’s and HBO have also advertised on air to tell their story and McDonald’s has advertised consistently to remind their existence in respective localities. In this way, a person who is new to the neighborhood becomes aware of the store present nearby. Coca-Cola and OLX have also gained profit by advertising on air. Chumbak has been successful in attracting a lot of buyers through their radio advertising campaigns.

What makes it so special?

In the era of digital clutter, many feel radio is such a peaceful platform. Also many prefer to be a part of the radio community rather than spending a  lot of time getting isolated in a digital medium. Though a lot of people might be listening to it, it speaks to one person at a time. It acts as a companion for the listener and delivers the message of advertisers at the door of prospects. It can listen to any place at any time. All they need is a mobile phone or sometimes roadside shops also play the radio throughout the day and people who come nearby are likely to listen to it.

Why should your organization start radio marketing?

  • Audio dominance: Psychologists say anything that is learned through audio or sounds is not easily forgotten. Emotions can be conveyed effectively through radio ads and it boosts sales. 
  • Inexpensive: Organizations need not spend a large fortune on radio marketing. It is an economic channel yet provides a large reach with great consistency.
  • High ROI: Since it is cheaper than other methods of marketing yet provides high coverage, the sales keep burgeoning and consequently result in a high ROI.
  • High reach: The radio community includes both the illiterate and people in rural areas, so your ads reach the people belonging to all categories.
  • Breaks the language barrier.: Since all the local radios are mostly to adhere to their regional languages it reaches people better and creates a great impact.
  • Less ignorance: The advertisements appear in the middle of programs and the readers can’t skip which makes an increased number of audiences listen to your product or service.

 Products that are suitable to be marketed on-air:

One must be cautious while advertising on-air, keeping in mind the audience’s requirements. People are more likely to approach plumbing services that they hear from the radio as it may not be costly and since it needs to be done at the earliest whereas they hesitate to avail concrete services as they may be expensive and need to do some pre-arrangements at their households, thus it will take time for them to avail such services instantly. Since radio advertisements are brief all details can’t be mentioned, the organizations should keep this in mind before delving into radio marketing. Advertisements of products that need to be explained with technical knowledge can’t be delivered effectively to the listeners.


As soon as you wake up the first thing you do is check your phone to switch off your alarm, check the time, and to check for any important official and personal messages. Well all of us keep checking our phones from time to time for various reasons and this has eventually become a part of our lifestyle. I hope all of us would have received SMS from a lot of reputable stores and brands always keep us informed by sending us SMS about their great deals. When companies advertise their products and want their customers to know more about their upcoming sales and offer, they send the information through  SMS and this is called SMS marketing. If you aren’t already doing this you are missing out on a big opportunity. Better late than never! You can always start inculcating SMS marketing as a part of your marketing strategy. One of the top brands, Reebook

Uses SMS marketing to keep their customers updated with their offers and sales. Facebook also uses SMS marketing to tell its users new updates, security policies. They widely use it to protect the user’s security.

What makes it so special?

It reaches and notifies your customer at any time, irrespective of them being online or offline. People who don’t have smartphones and who don’t have an account with social media platforms can also be reached through SMS service. This helps you to convey your message both short and effective.SMS marketing doesn’t require large investments or skills. It helps you to establish with your customers almost instantly. It is extremely convenient for the customers when the shopping apps notify their deals and offers through SMS and people are likely to check out since you can also tell them if the price of the item in their wishlist or cart. The customers will find it highly beneficial.

Why should your organization SMS marketing

  • People are on their phones most of the time.
  • Instant gratification.
  • You can also check if your customer has viewed or ignored your message.
  • E-commerce mostly happens on mobile phones.
  • Even if the user has to delete the message they will open and view it.


There are numerous ways to market and advertise your products. Having discussed radio marketing and SMS marketing, they are better and effective than digital marketing in many aspects. It now lies in your hand to analyze your needs, target audience, and purpose before choosing the medium to promote your product. You are always welcome to try all of these methods for your product which will provide you more information regarding the reach from each medium and the next time you need not spend time experimenting. However, it takes time to figure out the right platform for you. Work with perseverance and confidence the goal you are aiming to achieve is not so far. Marketing plays a vital role in any business, for more amazing insights and updates follow Insellers. With valuable insights backed with solid research, we help you stay ahead of the crowd.

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