How music industry works?

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Every time you sit curled up in your couch or bed or a comfortable chair plugging in your headsets and treating your ears with your favourite music you feel relieved, cheerful, and divine. Wondering how the music reaches you from your beloved artists? Appreciating your curiosity! Behind the screens, there is a whole bunch of technicians and people who are fighting teeth and nail to ensure you receive and listen to the music at much ease. The bridge connecting us with our favourite artists is quite long. Let’s travel across the bridge together to understand the journey music undergoes to reach the audience.


The music industry is a large network and a framework of business. It consists of a handful of professional departments. The entire task is broken down into pieces and shared by these people who strive hard to contribute to success. The artists under the spotlight, band managers, record labels, distributors, pluggers, publishers, the social media crew, and the others who work behind the screens together as a bunch is called the music industry. Let’s study them sequentially.

  • Artists

An artist is the creator of the music. The one who brings life to their opinions, ideas, thoughts, and feelings! The lyricist, music composer, performer all fall under this category. In some cases, all three may be the same person, on the other hand, there may be three individuals working together in harmony to create a wonderful piece of art. The lyricist may be a single person or a group of people who work on the content, the songlines, and the lyrics, putting down their feelings in appropriate and beautiful phrases and sentences. The music composer again maybe one person or a band working together to give more meaning and life to the lyrics by creating and producing music. The music is the chariot that gracefully carries the lyrics. The performer, a single person or a band who bring out the music to the audience and perform on stage under the spotlight are the people who take the art out for the audience to enjoy.

  • Manager

            The manager is an intermediate between the artist and the outside world. For example, if other artists want to work hand in hand in with them or if people want the artist to perform in their show they are not allowed to contact the artists directly. They first negotiate with the manager and the manager decides. They help artists meet their goals and achieve them successfully and strategically. They manage the schedules, organizing the tasks of the artists and their professional growth.

  • Agent

An agent is similar to a manager. An agent is someone who organizes and handles the artists’ gigs, festivals, and tours. The agent helps the artist to schedule their concerts and performance. They create and make opportunities for the singer or the artist to perform on stage. They establish connections with record labels fix dates for the singers and the book shows. For some artists or bands, the manager and the agent are the same people. if the band is or the artist is more popular then they have a separate manager and agent to discharge the corresponding duties. 

  • Social media crew

In today’s time, social media is the biggest platform to promote and introduce music. Lately, social media has been a big revolution. The social media crew in the music industry is primarily responsible to keep the artist active on the social media platforms and to connect them with their audience.  They are responsible to create the relevant posts of the artist on the social media platform so that the audience is constantly reminded of the artist and gets to know more about the artist’s life.  This is a way of gaining more audience for the artist and to promote their new singles and albums, to advertise their song, to get people to know the artist is performing in a concert or a live show. Social media is a goldmine of data and statistics for the music industry since the Artist and the team gets to know the number of people listening to the music, the number of people liking their music this liking and disliking their music.


  • Record label

 The record labels are the companies or the organizations that sign contracts with the artist.  They own the license and rights to the music. They distribute and sell the music and the affiliated music videos created by the artists. They predominantly work on marketing and promoting the artist and the record label’s brand. They play a significant role in the music industry.

  • Publisher

The main objective of a music publisher is to ensure that the artist receives income when their song is commercialized. their main job is to promote your songs and help you to reach out to companies that are ready to buy your song for advertising movies and other campaigns.

  • Distributor

The distributor signs a contract with the record label sometimes with the artists directly to distribute and make the music easily available to the audience. Some examples of distributors are YouTube music and  Spotify which make the music easily and readily available to the audience.


When companies buy licensed music from the artist, composer, or the corresponding authority they are supposed to pay the person who owns the original rights for the music. The payment made by television companies or radios that use licensed companies is called music royalties. Music royalties are collected in a variety of situations some of them are: 

  • When the music is streamed by online platforms or music apps.
  • When it is incorporated with advertisements or other videos and contents.
  • When a television show or movie plays the music
  • When a reality show or a live on-stage performance plays the music.


The artists who make a living out of their music have a lot of stuff to get done before reaching us. It might seem simple from the outside, the truth is there are a lot of people dedicatedly working backstage so that we peacefully enjoy our music. The music industry is a big ship with the artist and a big, efficient convoy on the deck they keep adjusting their sails and the voyage is not always smooth, they sail past the hurricane supporting each other throughout the voyage to hand us over an incredible piece of art that we cherish in our hearts. This is a short story of how the music industry works!

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