Apps To Help Manage Your Finances

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It’s always a smart thing to keep track of your cash flow; to look at what you spend on, where you spend needless money and where you can start saving money. While there is a widespread urge to start investing judiciously, not everyone has consistency when it comes to keeping a budget or controlling expenditure. There are lots of various applications out there to help you handle your budget, and in this guide, we’ve found the best apps to help you manage your money better.

To do so, we looked at a variety of different parameters :

  • Ease of use-A basic user interface that can be navigated in an uncomplicated way. We also searched for ease of operation and where the data and graphics presented were comprehensible.
  • The authenticity of the app-Since budgeting applications includes much information about your finances and, in certain situations,  synchronisation of your bank account details, the app’s authenticity was important. The scores of app stores and customer feedback were also used to assess validity.
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility & Data Synchronization-We found the applications that could synchronise your data that were available on both iOS and Android platforms. 

Our top pick is based on what we enjoyed the most, and the preferences of other users may be a little different, but we’ve also listed our runners-up and their strengths in the list below to help you choose the right app for you. 


One of those smartphone applications is the Khatabook app. It helps small business owners to digitally manage their accounting books. Well, the manual accounting or ledger book that is now digitally available on mobiles is called the Khatabook app.

  • The app will help you store the account information of all customers and will document every entry. 
  • Every customer’s records are kept separately along with the payment due date.
  • You can download account statements regularly as a PDF report that can be used for tax filing purposes. 
  • It will send reminders via SMS or Whatsapp to the customer preventing any embarrassment by demanding pending payment face to face. 
  • Customers therefore still keep records of their purchases. It is available in 11 regional languages that boost revenue, even for consumers who do not have adequate training to understand technology.
  • There are over 450 million mobile users and it is a must for all small companies to remain ahead of the market. You can demonstrate your expertise to your customers by using this tool. 
  • Maintaining inventory is made simpler when the app displays the latest state of consumer purchases. 
  • Simply build your business card using the app and share it with your clients. No separate branding is needed if the app is free to do so.
  • The alternative filter would display the customer’s transaction data based on accounts receivable, payable or settled. It can also be sorted as the most recent/oldest, highest/lowest, or by name.
  • Last but not least, this software helps customers to make purchases with any BHIM UPI app. 

Top Markets: Pune, Hyderabad, Jaipur, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Patna.

Downloads: 5,000,000+ Ratings: 4.7

As per Google Playstore


Bengaluru-based OKCredit, which offers a smartphone app for small traders to keep track of their daily transactions and sales. Through transcribing, OkCredit reduces the burden on the merchant of keeping and paying books on paper accounts. Created in November 2017, the organisation intends to provide consumers with on-demand access to the merchant’s record.

  • It also helps them to submit reminders of collection to consumers in the event of overdue or skipped payments. 
  • To address the issue of confidence, if a trader registers a sale against a customer on the website, they are automatically told by text or WhatsApp. 
  • The Ledger of a small retailer often contains details of credit transfers or items offered on credit to a regular client of a merchant who settles monthly or bi-monthly accounts. 
  • However, the payment process is painstaking and the merchant could end up losing money if the transaction is not reported with the correct time and date stamps.
  • This is also where OKCredit comes in to address the dilemma of SMS and WhatsApp integration. Any time a credit transaction is made, the retailer sends a note to his or her regular buyer. 
  • The final customer may still display his or her remaining balance with that specific retailer via a web page link which also offers a monthly breakdown of the purchase of credit. 

Top Markets: Jaipur, Patna, Bengaluru, Lucknow, Pune.

Downloads: 10,000,000+  Ratings: 4.6

As per Google Playstore


Vyapar is a FREE Business Accounting App developed for Indian Small Businesses to deal with billing, inventory, accounting requirements, and more! The aim is to make a businessman’s daily routine less tiring and let them concentrate more on business growth, less on paperwork.

If little things go bad, the whole enterprise goes down, basically because there’s no place to fall out. Not having the money will potentially be worn out by the company owner, driving them away from doing what matters most. Small Company Accounting requires a digital update. An update that is easy but effective. We’re trying to come up with a simpler approach that functions for them and hence VYAPAR!

  • Become compliant with GST.
  • Manage all parties in one location and sell business quite quickly.
  • See how a company works immediately.
  • Develop, print/share custom invoices.
  • Set up “Auto Backup” and protect your company accounting records against unintended data loss.
  • Monitor and manage the individual units of the item by their expiry dates, batch no to select the correct ones for the next sale.
  • Set up automatic invoice alerts.
  • Do corporate accounting offline without the internet. 

Top Markets: Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Kolkata.

Downloads: 1,000,000+ Ratings: 4.7

As per Google Playstore


ET stands for economic times and ETMoney is one of the country’s top-ranked personal finance apps. 

  • It does a lot better than any other regular cost manager app, which can turn out to be the only app you need to cover all of your expense monitoring needs. 
  • The app filters out the monthly expenditures into separate categories such as Dining, Banking, ATM Withdrawals, Transport, Leisure, and so on.
  • Tapping one of the groups will give you a more thorough rundown of spending in that category. You’ll also get weekly expense estimates in the form of graphs. 
  • There is a segment called ‘Learn More’ that includes even more information, such as your regular weekday and weekend expenses, including top categories, accounts, and merchants. 
  • This software also appears to be an outstanding guide to mutual funds. You can have all investment analysis including fund results, market dynamics, etc. at your fingertips and you can also invest in funds directly via this app. 

Top Markets: Pune, Chennai, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, New Delhi, Kolkata.

Ratings: 4.8 Downloads: 10,000,000+

Starting a new company is a cakewalk, but it is a struggle to start up and keep in business. The cause for this is rivalry, handling budgets, keeping pace with technologies, pleasing consumers, etc. Small business owners can also feel discouraged if they are unable to raise their profits. So, for managing your finances you can choose from the above list. These are some highly-rated apps you can consider and can find more on google play store. For more such information and business, stories visit insellers.

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