What is IoT?

Internet of Things refers to a web of internet-connected, interrelated objects where information can be exchanged, and is possible to collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human intervention. IoT can be categorized as the path of communication between the virtual and real world. IoT Devices: It comprises wireless sensors, software, actuators, electronic …

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AS Technolutions – Reinventing Offline Card Payments

Today, we have with us Anubhav Saxena from AS Technolutions, AS is revolutionizing the way retailers, businesses, and professionals are accepting card payments from their clients & customers using a unique, safe and user friendly scan based hardware less soft PoS. Read ahead to know more about how AS Technolutions is transforming the traditional POS …

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Blchain in Medical Industry


Blockchains originated as a technology to make money exchanging transfers faster. It is a system for storing and sharing information that is secure because of its transparency. This technology was initially used in digital currency such as Bitcoin but was later used in other sectors such as insurance, banking, and even in healthcare. More technically, …



Dawn of Robots

Dawn of Robots Since the beginning of human civilization, humans have been devising tools to cope with work that is dangerous, repetitive, onerous, or plain nasty. We have come a long way from our hunter-gatherer days. As time went by, the tools we used kept evolving at a rapid pace. In the modern age, the …

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